Mobile app development for small businesses

Do you want to serve your target audience better or optimize work processes? With a custom mobile app, we realize your digital dream.


A custom app is ideal when you are clear on your needs, and standard app builders just aren't it

The goal of a custom app is to make the process easier. Whether to make your client's life easier or your employees ' lives, a mobile app makes sure everyone has easy access.


Apps you might think of...

  • A travel guide specific to a region or way of travelling around
  • Easy access to your membership content where you have daily updates available
  • Recipe app that can filter in specific ways and show your brand styling
  • Budget tracking app to get your clients to save more money in a guided way
  • Your framework in an easily accessible mobile app for easy client guidance
  • Show your offers/products in a clear way
  • Tracking your internal project that has unique requirements
  • Whatever else you can imagine!

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Hi, I'm Patty, the person behind Appella.

With my many years of experience in tech, building apps, marketing apps, coming up with the best solutions and communicating these in an easy-to-understand way, I make sure that your app is exactly what it needs to be. We can communicate in English, but also in Dutch, my native language.

Together with my design partner, we make sure your app not only technically but also design-wise, is the best it can be!


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Projects I have worked on

Enjoyn Spain

For the app Enjoyn Spain I created a way for holidaymakers and residents to see what local markets, festivities, bars, restaurants, shops, services & more are available, based on their location on the Costa del Sol.

Businesses can update their business info and events from inside the app. The admin can also update anything when needed.

Download here

Mandarin Food

For Mandarin Food I connected their PrestaShop backend to the app. This allows users to make orders through the app, as they would through the website.

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Here’s how:

We start by getting VERY CLEAR on WHAT it is your app will do and HOW.

The easiest and most effective way? 

It’s creating your screen flow which shows where to do what.
(If you want to know the tech name, it’s a wireframe.)

With this, you can pretend to be a user and go through the screens. See if this feels intuitive, without getting confused by colors and fonts. 

This is the groundwork to make your app useful, generate positive reviews, and, most importantly, truly help your clients!

If they get “lost” in the app, chances are, they will delete it.

So, this is where we start. WHAT and HOW.

This is how I start every project. If you have an idea for an app but not sure yet how it would work, this is the part we do to figure this out.

Are you ready to let your app idea out into the world? Send me a message.
How to not make this an expensive mistake 👇

Done right, an app can truly enhance your business. Not just help your current clients better, but also attract new clients who would like an easy way to work with you or your tools. 

So, make sure your app does exáctly what your framework teaches to support existing clients and attract new ones. 

For some, a drag-and-drop builder will be all they need to create an app that fits their business. But if you know the way you coach people is unlike others, chances are a drag-and-drop tool, is not gonna cut it. 

A custom app can be created in such a way it follows your strategy to a T. 

Wondering if your framework can be turned into an app? Send me a message and let’s discuss!
How to handle your big app dream:

There are multiple ways to go about it. The most effective one?

Get an outsider who gets apps and consumers, like I do, to discuss your ideas with. 

It regularly turns out that your app idea is very doable. Or, maybe the right strategy is to go in phases. Roll out the main functionality first, then expand. 

Another idea to get control over your idea, is to get the idea out of your head and onto paper. 

This can be done by a simple bullet list. An electronic version is best, as that means you can reorder your thoughts based on importance, or which items go together. 

Need help to get your app idea to the next level? Send me a DM, and let’s unravel your app together. 

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Here’s what’s truly important when investing in an app:

A custom made app based on your framework and tools is an investment. Before getting started, make sure these things are in place:

1. You get regular new clients already. An app is great and can help you and your clients a lot! Having the proper marketing and people who know and want what you have to offer means your app won’t be collecting dust on the virtual app shelves. 

2. Your framework must be solid. Yes, a few tweaks here and there can always be done, but to have your app stand out from the rest, make sure it gives users results like no other app will!

3. Steady income. In most cases, an app is not gonna catapult you to the highest income brackets. Make sure you don’t rely on the app to get 100% ROI in the first month. 

Whenever you are ready for a custom app, send me a message. Let’s make your app all it can be. 

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